Tektronix DPS77004SX related products

Tektronix DPS77004SX-100G-TXE
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-100G-TXE 
Starting at $19,206.01
IEEE-802.3bm: CAUI4 and IEEE-802.3bj: KR4/CR4 100Gbps Transmitter Compliance. Requires DJA or DSA and DJAN
Tektronix DPS77004SX-10G-KR
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-10G-KR 
Starting at $8,791.20
10GBASE-KR/KR4 Compliance and Debug Solution (requires DJA)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-10XL
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-10XL 
Starting at $15,741.00
Extended record length - 125 M/Ch
Tektronix DPS77004SX-20XL
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-20XL 
Starting at $36,828.00
Extended record length - 250 M/Ch
Tektronix DPS77004SX-40G-CR4
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-40G-CR4 
Starting at $10,593.00
40GBASE-CR4 Debug and Automated Compliance Solution
Tektronix DPS77004SX-50XL
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-50XL 
Starting at $54,747.00
Extended record length - 1 G/Ch
Tektronix DPS77004SX-D1
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-D1 
Starting at $10.89
Calibration Data Report
Tektronix DPS77004SX-DJA
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-DJA 
Starting at $25,839.00
Jitter and Eye Analysis Tools - Advanced (DPOJET)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-DJAN
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-DJAN 
Starting at $10,593.00
DPOJET Noise: Jitter and Eye Analysis Tools
Tektronix DPS77004SX-FC-16G
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-FC-16G 
Starting at $5,078.70
Fiber Channel - 16G Essentials (requires DJA)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-FRQCNT
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-FRQCNT 
Starting at $15,048.00
Frequency Counter-Timer
Tektronix DPS77004SX-HDM
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-HDM 
Starting at $13,266.01
HDMI 2.0 Advanced Analysis and Compliance Software for Tx tests
Tektronix DPS77004SX-HDM-DS
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-HDM-DS 
Starting at $27,027.00
HDMI 2.0 Direct Synthesis for RX testing
Tektronix DPS77004SX-HT3
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-HT3 
Starting at $16,533.00
HDMI Compliance Testing
Tektronix DPS77004SX-HT3DS
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-HT3DS 
Starting at $41,085.00
HDMI Direct Synthesis for HDMI 1.4 (requires HT3)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-LT
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-LT 
Starting at $2,425.50
Waveform Limit Testing
Tektronix DPS77004SX-MHD
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-MHD 
Starting at $15,048.00
MHL Advanced Analysis and Compliance Software (requires DJA and 2XL)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-NBASET
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-NBASET 
Starting at $11,979.00
NBASE-T TekExpress Conformance and Debug Solution
Tektronix DPS77004SX-PAM4
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-PAM4 
Starting at $19,206.01
PAM4 Transmitter Analysis Software
Tektronix DPS77004SX-PCE3
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-PCE3 
Starting at $13,266.01
PCI Express Gen1/2/3 TekExpress Compliance/Debug Automation with DPOJet Measurements Software (Requires Opt DJA)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-PCE4
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-PCE4 
Starting at $19,206.01
PCI Express Gen1/2/3/4 TekExpress Compliance/Debug Automation with DPOJet & SigTest Measurements Software (Requires Opt DJA and Opt SDLA64)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SDLA64
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SDLA64 
Starting at $25,839.00
New version of SDLA (64-bit)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SFP-TX
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SFP-TX 
Starting at $11,979.00
SFP+ Compliance and Debug Solution (requires DJA)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SFP-WDP
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SFP-WDP 
Starting at $7,632.90
SFP+ Compliance and Debug Solution ? WDP Measurement (requires DJA & SFP-TX)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SSD
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SSD 
Starting at $2,118.60
Solid State Drive (additional: removable drive - customer installable: Microsoft Windows 7 and scope system software installed)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SV23
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SV23 
Starting at $4,653.00
WLAN 802.11a/b/g/j/p measurement application (requires Opt SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SV24
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SV24 
Starting at $7,781.40
WLAN 802.11n measurement application (requires Opt SV23)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SV25
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SV25 
Starting at $7,781.40
WLAN 802.11ac measurement application (requires Opt SV24)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SV26
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SV26 
Starting at $3,900.60
APCO P25 compliance testing and analysis application (requires SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SV27
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SV27 
Starting at $4,573.80
SignalVu Bluetooth Basic LE TX SIG measurements (Requires Opt. SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SV28
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SV28 
Starting at $4,573.80
SignalVu LTE DownLink RF measurements (Requires Opt. SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SV30
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SV30 
Starting at $13,959.00
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SVA
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SVA 
Starting at $5,068.80
AM/FM/PM/Direct Audio measurements (Requires Opt. SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SVE
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SVE 
Starting at $14,454.01
SignalVu Essentials Vector Signal Analysis Software
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SVM
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SVM 
Starting at $13,959.00
General purpose modulation analysis (Requires Opt. SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SVO
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SVO 
Starting at $9,197.10
Flexible OFDM Analysis (Requires Opt. SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SVP
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SVP 
Starting at $13,464.00
Advanced Signal Analysis (including pulse measurements) (Requires Opt. SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-SVT
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-SVT 
Starting at $6,454.80
Frequency and Phase Settling Time Measurements (Requires Opt. SVE)
Tektronix DPS77004SX-VET
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-VET 
Starting at $10,593.00
Visual Trigger and Search
Tektronix DPS77004SX-XGBT2
Tektronix / DPS77004SX-XGBT2 
Starting at $11,979.00
10GBASE-TekExpress Conformance and Debug Solution