S331L Troubleshooting Guide

Data Sheet
Trouble Shooting Guide

Optimized for field use
 >8 hour battery life
 Instant On from standby mode
 Highest RF Immunity
 Built-in InstaCal™ Module-Fast, one connection calibration
 FlexCal™ Calibration-One calibration for all frequencies
 Built-in Power Meter
 Rugged and reliable
 Impact, dust and splash resistant
 Smallest, lightest Site Master™

Easy to use
 Integrated Help function
 S331D-like Classic Mode
 S331E-like Advanced Mode-Additional markers-Customizable shortcuts-Full-screen view
 Multiple USB ports
 800 x 480 7" TFT touch screen-Alphanumeric keyboard-EZ Name Quick Matrix
 Backlit keypad

Efficient sweep management
 Internally store >1000 files-Sweeps, setups, screenshots
 Fast preview of stored sweeps
 Line Sweep Tools (LST) Software-Edit sweeps, rename, archive-Generate PDF or HTML reports
 Standard *.dat sweep file format
 compatible with HHST-Widely accepted by operators
 SweepMasters DIRECT-Online trace delivery service


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