Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer

**Coverage Mapping with GPS Application Note**


- Vector Network Analysis and Distance Domain testing for cables, antennas, and connectors in Land Mobile Radio systems for Public Safety, Government, Business, Positive Train Control, Microwave Backhaul, and Homeland Security
- Spectrum Analysis and Interference Analysis testing for HF, VHF/UHF, broadcast, paging, and cellular applications
- P25, NXDN, DMR, and PTC receiver sensitivity measurements using a built-in signal generator with 120 dB power control range and multiple BER test patterns
- Vector Network Analyzer allows measurement of reflected and transmitted signals in Log Mag, VSWR, Phase, Group Delay, Smith Chart, Real and Imaginary Impedance
- Distance-To-Fault measurement using Frequency Domain Reflectometry
- Insertion Loss measurement with >100 dB dynamic range and fast 850 ยต/pt sweep speed
- Low level interference measurements, even in the presence of strong nearby sources
- Occupied BW and Emission mask compliance testing
- Narrowband FM analysis w/ Auto Scan function to identify frequency of unknown transmitters
- Indoor and Outdoor Coverage Mapping of RSSI and Transmitter SINAD
- RF Power Measurements of both CW and modulated signals
- Channel Scanner

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