Product specs for LG Precision FG-2002C

LG Precision FG-2002C

Product Description:

LG Precision FG-2002C 0.02Hz-2MHz Sweep/Function Generator /w counter

No. of Channels: 1ch
Frequency, Sine: 2MHz
Frequency, Pulse: 2MHz

Sweep/Function Generator


GENERAL : LG's sweep/function generator with built-in frequency counter(FG-2002C only) has 3(three) instruments in 1(one). These instruments can perform equally as well in either analog and digital electronics. These instruments produce precise sine, square and triangle wave forms from 0.02Hz to 2MHz with V.C.F.(Voltage Controller Frequency). VCF Function
Built-in Frequency Counter

LG Precision FG-2002C
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