Product specs for Tektronix TDS540B

Tektronix TDS540B

Product Description:

Tektronix TDS540B Oscilloscope, Digital: 500MHz,2GSa/s,4ch (Stand alone)

The Tektronix TDS540B oscilloscope is a graph-displaying device – it draws a graph of an electrical signal. In most applications, the graph shows how signals change over time: the vertical (Y) axis represents voltage and the horizontal (X) axis represents time. The intensity or brightness of the display is sometimes called the Z axis.

The Tektronix TDS540B oscilloscope's simple graph can tell you many things about a signal, such as: the time and voltage values of a signal, the frequency of an oscillating signal, the “moving parts” of a circuit represented by the signal, the frequency with which a particular portion of the signal is occurring relative to, other portions, whether or not a malfunctioning component is distorting the signal, how much of a signal is direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) and how much of the signal is noise and whether the noise is changing with time.

Bandwidth: 500MHz
No. of channels: 4ch
Max. single ch. sampling rate: 2GSa/s


InstaVuTM Acquisition (100,000 wfms/sec capture rate)

500 MHz bandwidth

Sample rates to 2 GS/s

2 and 4 input channels

Pulse width, 1 ns glitch, runt, pattern and state triggering

1 mV/div -10 V/div sensitivity

Infinite and variable persistence displays

Record lengths to 50,000 points

500K on TDS 540B)

8-bit vertical resolution and up to 12 bits with HiRes Acquisition Mode

3.5 inch DOS floppy disk drive (optional)

Vertical accuracy to 1%

Tek TriStarTM (DSP) processor

Slew Rate, Setup & Hold Violation triggers, and Time-out triggering

Waveform pass/fail testing

Dual Window Zoom

Channel Deskew

Direct Readout in "Amperes" and "Watts" (with P5200 and TCP202


25 automatic measurements

Full GPIB programmability

Desktop publishing outp

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6 Instruments.1 Scope. Infinite Versatility.
Tektronix TDS540B
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