Fluke Networks LRAT-2000-KIT
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Quick and complete copper and fiber network connectivity testing

• Accurately identify network connectivity problems with the 10 second AutoTest
• Connectivity test for twisted pair and fiber optic Ethernet links at 10, 100 and Gigabit rates
• Verify twisted pair cable length and wiremap
• Measure Power over Ethernet under a load with the TruePower™ PoE test
• Discover the nearest switch and VLAN
• Save connectivity test results on the network tester or in the cloud with zero-touch reporting
• Streamline management of connectivity test results, reports, projects and staff with the companion Link-Live Cloud Service
• Select the right LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester for the job: LRAT-2000 or LRAT-1000. See the comparison chart for feature differences.

The LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester is the quickest and most complete copper and fiber network connectivity tester. This rugged, handheld network tester speeds troubleshooting and reporting with a comprehensive one-button AutoTest and zero-touch Link-Live cloud reporting. The AutoTest performs your required set of connectivity tests in 10 seconds, enabling you to quickly and accurately identify and solve network connectivity problems. Cloud reporting automatically uploads connectivity test results to the Link-Live Cloud Service for reporting and project management.

Key features include multiple user-configured AutoTests, cable length measurement, cable fault location and fault type, TruePower™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) measurement, Ethernet speed and duplex verification at 10/100/Gigabit rates, twisted pair and fiber optic link testing, nearest switch identification, DHCP, DNS and Gateway connectivity tests, and Ping and TCP port connectivity tests to up to 10 user-selected targets. The connectivity test results are saved on the network tester or automatically uploaded to the Link-Live Cloud Service with zero-touch. Manage connectivity test results, projects and staff using the Link-Live Cloud Service. The LinkRunner AT 2000 can also serve as a packet reflector at rates up to 1Gbps.


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