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Agilent 8474E
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Agilent 8474E Detector,Coaxial; .01 - 50 GHz

Type: Detectors
Frequency: 0.01GHz

The HP 8474E is a high-performance detector using a gallium arsenide, planar-doped barrier detecting element. It features extremely flat frequency response over its entire band of operation and very good frequency response stability versus

temperature. The HP 8474E is also very rugged with high resistance to ESD damage. The HP 8474E detector is available with a 2.4-mm (0.01 to 50 GHz) connector. This detector offers the options for optimal square-law loads (Option 102) and for positive polarity output (Option 103). Because the unit-to-unit frequency response tracking of this device is typically better than ¦0.3 dB, no matched response option is offered.

Exceptional flatness

Extremely temperature stable


Exception flatness
Extremely temp stable
Barrel Diameter: 7.6mm
Outp conn: SMC(m)
Inp conn: 1.85mm compat


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Agilent 8474E

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